Lacrosse is often referred to as the oldest organized sport.  The game of Lacrosse was invented by the Native Americans nearly 800 years ago and was commonly known in the earlier years as “stickball”.  The game was designed originally to train and condition warriors, but later developed into a means to resolve disputes between rival villages.  These major events would take place many times over a number of days on a playing field with goals placed several miles apart. 

Today in Pacific Grove the spirit of Lacrosse remains strong in our young players when they take the field.  Under the guidance of our dedicated coaches and supportive administrators in our schools, these players are taught to honor the traditions of the sport that have transcended time.  Much like the Native American competitors all those years ago, our players are taught the importance of honor, character, integrity and respect for themselves and others.

In 2007 Coach Mark Lord, in cooperation with school administration, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to found and support the Pacific Grove High School Lacrosse Program.  In 2011 Coach Fran O’Hagan created the non-profit organization in an effort to support all Lacrosse in PG. not only actively supports the Pacific Grove High School Lacrosse program but also supports the Tribe Youth Lacrosse program as well as other community Lacrosse opportunities made available to all interested players.  Pacific Grove Lacrosse volunteers are actively partnering with our PE teachers in our Middle School and Elementary Schools introducing the sport of Lacrosse to all ages. 

One of the primary objectives of is to provide sport related information that can be conveniently accessed by new and current players and their families.  Another priority is to provide scholarships for Pacific Grove players who might not otherwise be able to participate.  These scholarships, as well as other program purchases, are made possible by our generous local business sponsors and school clubs.

As a result of the rapid growth of the sport in PG, Pacific Grove Lacrosse is continuing to expand as well.  A Board of six volunteers will continue the positive work Coach O’Hagan has started by promoting the sport of Lacrosse through the web site and organization.  These six individuals are dedicated to working closely with our network of volunteers, athletic directors, school administrators and our generous sponsors to help assure that every current and prospective player in our community is given the opportunity to grow through the Sport of Lacrosse.  Thank you for your continued support of our program!